Sunday, October 09, 2005

What a Day!

What a day I had Saturday! I did my usual chores at home and decided to visit my mom to see how she was doing. After my visit I headed to St John's for the Spin Guild meeting. As I was leaving my car, I managed to swat the garage door remote opener out of the car and into a nearby puddle...agrhhhhhh *&*%$##@#....boy, was I angry. The dang remote was submerged in a 2-3 inch deep puddle.....just what an electronic device needs. I swiftly removed the remote from the dirty puddle, shook off the water and tried to dry it with my shirt while trying to high tail it into the church since it was raining. All the while I knew DH was going to be none to pleased if I came home with a wet remote.

I tried to postpone that thought and knit and spindle spun with the gals at the meeting. We had a good time eating food and comparing projects. Harriet showed up with a knitted charity cap. Marie was using her spindle to spin some gray wool. Renay managed to resurrect a lovely lime green sock to work on while there. Sharon S knitted a super vest with a gray/brown handspun rag yarn. We even had a new member named Marva who gave us her pattern for a wrister made with light bulky weight yarn that is knit a garter stitch rectangle. All so easy.

That evening I tried the remote as I approached the drive way. You know what happened....the door wouldn' topen. So....I had to face Ralph with the news; he was verrrry unhappy. After five attempts at drying the remote with my hairdryed, that baby worked like a charm. DH was verrrrry happy and so was I.

As if that wasn't enough, the final accomplishment of the day occurred Saturday evening when I finished my slip stitch cardigan. Yes.....ready for Rhinebeck!!! Below are pics of it in its unblocked glory. The close up helps you to see the pattern. I am blocking it as I write this morning. I just put it in a cool bath, spun it out in the washer on a very short spin cycle and blocked it out on my dining room table. Guess what, Judy and Marisa??? IT FITS ME!!!!!!!!


Judith said...

Cindy--Your slip stitch cardigan looks beautiful! Love that color & the fact it fits you--wow! Excellent job. Enjoy Rhinebeck, that should be exciting. And thank you for letting us know the hair dryer technique for the garage remote. I will keep that one in the back of my brain. (I did want to see a picture of it in the puddle, tho...)

Kristen said...

Don't you hate it when that happens? That was an ingenious save for the remote. I hope to see your gorgeous tweedy sweater at the guild meeting!

marisa said...

Wow, sweater looks great! I hope my ribby zipper looks as nice!

john said...

If it stops working, you can buy replacement remotes at home depot, they even make ones that fit on your keychain!

Kim said...

Can't wait to see your lovely sweater in person! Looks great!