Thursday, October 27, 2005

Of Wool and Cat

As well as knitting and spinning I love to do any craft that involves a needle. Above is my first attempt at a appliqued wool quilt.This is only the center panel. If you love quilt's, check out the gift that Gerald received.

Below is a wonderful pic of one of my favorite sheep...the Shetland. He is too wonderful!

Lastly I have a pic of my cat Ruth with her smuggest expression. Wonder what she's thinking? Any ideas?


Judith said...

Beautiful appliqued wool quilt! Lovely work, it's great. I also favor Shetland sheep, lots of personality & tolerance of weather. Ruth is a riot! Does she know Alice? (in Wonderland, that is).

marisa said...

Love the quilt! Ruth is probably thinking about her next "liver" cat treat

becky said...

Ruth is thinking that she'd like to try some paw felting of the sheep's wool.

Carol Rodi said...

Great job Cindy on the quilt! I can't wait to see the rest as you finish it. And as for Ruth, she looks like she certainly knows something we all do not know...Great picture.