Saturday, July 12, 2008

Petticoats and Moon Flowers

Can't beat this combination.....petticoats and Moon Flowers. I've been knitting right down to the wire. Last night I finished Emma's Unmentionables for my dear grand niece's first birthday. Today we will celebrate with a cookout at her home. I have to say that Web's cotton yarn is a winner as it is a mixture of cotton and microfiber. Did I tell you I bought more red yarn?Some red sprinkles woolease for a dollar a skein for a child's sweater down the road. I just can't stay away from this color.

I found a white t- shirt to complete the outfit. I added a bow to the t-shirt to match the tie on the petticoat.......It will be too large for this year, but she'll be able to wear it next season.

My lovely Moon flower keeps blooming every evening!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Knitting and Spinning Update with Wild Animals

Yes.....................I've been remiss in posting as of late. Work has kept me busy as well as work on my new sock pattern which I plan to release for the fall.

I'm still working on Emma's Unmentionables and a pair of languishing Regia socks in Ringwood pattern. I still need to finish Mystery Stole 3.....................I'm on the wing segment.

Spinning is ongoing. I'm working on a full bobbin of a 5 oz. lovely dark red batt I mentioned in an earlier post. I'm almost finished spindle spinning the blue lambswool you saw earlier as well.

Earlier this week DD sent me some wildlife pics. A deer and some wild turkeys appeared on her land as well as a cat who likes to peek in her window.