Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's My 5th Blogiversary!!!

You know I've never mentioned my blogiversary. This was due to the fact that I couldn't quite remember the exact date, but after a bit if searching I discovered that the earliest entry I have is August 27th 2003. It's not recorded in my Blogger archives because I was blogging using a website uploaded to my ISP. So..........I've picked this date to celebrate the event.

What a wonderful journey it has been. Thanks to Mr. Etherknitter I have learned how to save my blog. Thanks to the knit/spin blogger community I have been able to share and learn about knitting and spinning. This blog has provided me with an audience that loves fiber as I do. We all need an audience for our work to have meaning.

One thing I would love to know is who my audience is? I've looked at bloglines and know who some of you are , but I'm curious to know who else is out there. I'm sure readers visit and don't have time to leave a comment. If you've got a moment leave a comment, I'd love to know who my nameless readers are.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The hat that wanted to be a purse........

All who know me know my love for all things Jacob. I even managed to get some wonderful handspun Jacob in a fiber giveaway. I thought about what I wanted to make with it, and I started to make a beret. It told me it wanted to be a drawstring purse.

Here you see my favorite bday present from DD and DSIL............Eeva Haavisto's mitten book!!! Yes..........it was reprinted and is sold at Nordic Fiber Arts!!My DD wasn't sure she bought me the right book since it is written in Finnish. It contains charts for a hundred mittens.
Yesterday DD and I had our summer bday celebration. She made me a lovely arrangement of lovely hrdrangeas and zinnias from her garden. I also received some funds to buy some other spinning delights!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Before, During and After

The fiber is called Hale Bop after the comet that streaked across the sky in 1997.

Today is a glorious day!What could be better that blue skies, sunshine, comfortable temperatures and spinning!! I know a visit for our bday celebrations from DD and DSIL................

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walk with me Wednesday Bday Fun

Today DH and I celebrated my bday with a trip to the shore...Point Judith that is. We took off after the morning traffic and visited the celebrated lighthouse built in 1888. After knitting a few rows and spinning on my spindle, we took a long walk to get in our dose of exercise. Next we had the best clamcakes, chowder and doughboys at Iggy's!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Breaking the Silence

It's been a busy time with workshops and other work related musts. But I'm back. I'm having fun with Wordle. Take a look at my wordle.

EssentiallyI took my last blog post and created a word cloud with it in Wordle. Go and play. It simple fun to see what art your language can produce.

Yawn..................I'm tired....think I'll try to knit and or spin before I fall asleep.