Thursday, August 24, 2006

To Felt or to Weave

To felt or to weave .....that is the question, but it wasn't a dilemma for me. I decided to do both these last few days. The bag below made out of New Zealand Charisma felted verrrry quickly; thankfully I took Sue'a advice and checked it often. I must say it made me smile. I need to consider what type of button to use. Should it be an understated button that does not compete with the colors or a knitted /crocheted button. Time will tell.

I had a much better weaving result this time with the table runner project below. I hope the recipient likes it as it's a special gift in exchange for the antique wheel he gave me. Scroll down this page to see the wheel.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Warping All By Yourself

I've begun my next weaving project today. After reviewing my copy of Warping All By Yourself, I managed to dress my ridged heddle with the help of DH to tension the warp.

We were in our hot dining room while roasting a piece of pork in the kitchen all the while trying to tension the warp...... trying not to swat each other. "Pull it you haven't tension every bit of the warp." On and on we went until voila it came together. I spent a few hours after dinner happily weaving. This time I used wool and silk for both the warp and weft.

I did manage to weave about a foot and a half; I'm happy with the results so far.

Also this weekend I managed to finish knitting a bag that I'm planning to felt soon. I do love the way the colors pooled. I used a pattern by Farmhouse Yarns called the Cape Cod Bag. I knitted it in Charisma a wonderful New Zealand Wool that I purchased from Sue at RI Handspun.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weaving Shots

I'm posting these weaving pics at Vanessa's request. I absolutely love her Alice Starmore Cape Cod sweater. If you haven't seen it go here; you won't be disappointed.

This morning I finally got around to washing this table runner made with rayon and wool and silk. It's drying on a rack in my driveway.

You know it occurred to me this morning that my neighbors must think I'm strange. Some days I have skeins of freshly spun or dyed yarn swinging from my driveway lights...not to mention this table runner flapping in the breeze. I try to dry fleece in the backyard for fear they'll think I've skinned an animal....ROFLOL.

Obligatory Knitting Progress: I have finished one of the two baby surplices I'm knitting for twins. I've begun a new project a felted bag made out of variegated Charisma yarn.

Spinning: I'm still toiling away at flicking a gray fleece for a gift of handspun yarn for a friend.

Knit In at Sue's: We had a good time last night. Gail and her daughter, Patty, Paula, Sue, Carol R and Marisa and I were in attendance. Gail was working on a lovely red and yellow cotton hat as well as an Italian pink wool surplice. Her daughter was knitting a perfect blue shawl that just happened to match her blue eyes. Paula was finishing a wonderful dark red pullover. Patty showed us her green and creamy white Opal thigh- high stockings she wears for spinning demonstrations at Coggshell Farm in Bristol, RI. She is now knitting another pair in blue and white. Marisa thought she came to knit, but decided to unravel her latest sweater in Debblie Bliss Soho because it was too big for her. We all helped to unravel and ball the yarn. She began anew...this time knitting it in a the smallest size.

Carol R brought her Einstein sweater in a rich, red Rowan Magpie. She was sewing the final seams in mattress stitch. It is lovely!!!! I tried it on, and ,of course, I want to make it!!! When will the coveting of sweaters end?

Sue was a good girl...resting her arm by not knitting!!! It must have been hard for her...I can only imagine being not able to knit. We missed Judy and Barbara!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lace Challenge Finalist!!!

What do you know! I made the finalists for Amazing Lace Challenge #5!!! I'm surprised about making the finals. It's a hoot.... Check out the different finalist'll enjoy them.

I finished two projects this summer. The first below is Tivoli by Grumperina which I made in Debbie Bliss's Cathy yarn. I have to say this yarn is wonderful for a summer knit. It feels so good to knit and wear.

The next finished project is a red linen lace stole in Feather and Fan pattern. I finished this due to the Amazing Lace contest. Thanks, Rachel and Theresa for the inspiration. It was easy to complete once I put my mind to it.

I've begun to finish a second lace UFO due again to Amazing Lace. I'll post pictures if anyone wants to see it. It's a neat feather and fan triangular shawl knitted in Icelandic and silk two ply on size 3 needles.

Last but not least hubby has been playing with his hobby as you can see below. His Angelfish have been growing by leaps and bounds.

Mittens Abound: I've been thinking about making some mittens. Sandy has been working on a lovely pair from Folk Knitting in Estonia that have inspired me. Then, of course, Dave has started the Bitchin Mittens project. Hmmmmm....I'll have to think about this. I do have some fingering weight alpaca in black and white I could play with.....

Weaving Progress: I get by with a little help from my friends!!! Thanks Sue and Carol M for helping me to warp my ridged heddle loom last Saturday. You'll both be glad to know I finished weaving the piece today. The down side is that I am not pleased with the weaving, but I have used this project as a practice session, and I plan to warp the loom again this time using wool and silk. I'm inspired !!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Where's Waldo?

In compliance with the Amazing Lace Contest I have created a second post is my entry. Where is the lace?

Sunday Eye Candy

This morning this lovely Hibiscus flower greeted me! What a great smile it produced which is especially needed when doing the bothersome chore of weeding.

Last night...I needed a new activity to break the boredom of knitting Picovoli so I made a pair of sterling silver earrings to wear. It all began when Sue and I made a trip to the East Side to visit some of our favorite stores. We began with lunch at the new sandwich store which replaced Daily Bread then we went to La Strada...I was bad and bought a lovely pair of sandals.

Next was a visit to A Stitch Above where I purchased three skeins of Lorna's Laces which may be used for a baby gift for twins. Can you knit bloggers make some suggestion for what to knit for twins. It's a challenge given you need to knit for two of them so choosing something small to do is twice as important.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stormy Clouds

Last night provided a cloud show for our area. The steamy temperatures in the 100's of course produced the wonderful thunderheads you see above. They are both awesome and fearsome. They brought very little rain to our area, but wrought havoc for others.

Knitting news: Very little to report here. I worked on Picovoli and I am past the waist decreases. I'm also coming down the home stretch with cashmere sock number one.

Spinning news: Spun some red merino fiber called Mohave purchased from RI Handspun so that I can fill a second bobbin for a two ply destined for shawl knitting.

I've been reading Too Much Wool and she's inspiring me to take out my inkle loom one of these days. She's also been trying some card weaving which has piqued my interest as well.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Foster Fair and Flowers

What a weekend at the Fair. As you can see below there are some wonderful projects. Upper left is Carol M's beautiful blue ribbon Aran sweater. Upper right shows my blue ribbon prize winning skein of wool/mohair and angora. Bottom left is Paula's Best of Show handspun shawl and my blue ribbon Opal socks. Bottom right is another of Paula's blue ribbon entries.

Of course....I had to post some garden shots! I'm in love with my Casablanca lily. Too bad I can't smell its lovely fragrance due to my head cold. I'm totally enjoying the Hibiscus bud and flower pics as well.