Saturday, September 27, 2008

Linen Stitch and Hydrangeas

I'm in the finishing mood lately. I rounded up a pullover called Jolie by Jamieson in Annabel Fox bulky yarn I had begun several years ago and finished the second sleeve. The fact that this sweater was done in linen stitch with some sleeve and design element increases are my excuses for not finishing the dang sweater.....yeah, yeah, know that excuse by heart.

I am very pleased with the outcome especially after I blocked the sweater after a Eucalan bath. I must admit you need to think about whether or not to use Eucalan with some sweaters. There are times when I'm making a sweater when I'd like to avoid making the fabric softer.....consider a sweater/jacket made with Bartlett, Candide or Green Mountain Spinnery yarn. I find that I'd like the stiffness of this yarn and its resulting fabric so much in a design that a bath in another wool wash is best for my purposes.
Click on the picture below to see the lovely flecks in the linen stitch pattern. I love this yarn.
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting DD and SIL's newly adopted cat, Lizzie. She is delightful and resembles my own Ruth.................

I also enjoyed her wonderful hydrangeas...................they are so special when they are blooming and approaching the end of their season.