Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Nine Year Journey

I can still remember the day that my DD left for graduate school to study organic chemistry. It was a day fraught with strong emotions and moving day jitters for us and for her. I made sure she took the empty nest Pi shawl that I knitted to help me cope with her leaving. It was hard to believe that the child I remembered clinging to me in her earliest years was now doing what all children are supposed to do............leave..........begin her own life as we and our parents did.

This Tuesday at 9:45 am she reached her personal goal; she earned a PhD in organic chemistry after nine years of hard work and sacrifice. Her dissertation defense was not without its moments of humor; the desktop picture of her cat Puddy appeared at one point during her dissertation PowerPoint presentation when her laptop battery power waned. He looked out at the committee proudly!Congratulations, Marisa! Your dedication to your personal goal has made all the difference. We are so very proud of you!

Monday, August 20, 2007

What Amuses You?

You know that answer, all of you in cyberknitterdom. It's all about the color and texture that draws us. We imitate nature always. Drawing from her our sense of color, design and texture from plants, the sea and land formations. We revel in it; we reinterpret life. Whether we spin our own fiber and dye it or buy yarns, we know it will titillate, inspire and thrill us to the very core.

Presently............. I'm amusing myself with making a Interweave free pattern called comfort shawl out of Rowan Cashsoft in a gray lavender that wants touching. I also restarted a pair of socks in Knitty's Crusoe pattern in a wonderful sock yarn that Roobeedoo, my first Knitter's Tea Swap gave me. I also have MS3 Stole stalled for a bit. I wish I had more hands.

What amuses you?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lacy Winged Shawl

Sometime last year at the annual dye day in South County I chose to dye some coned beige linen with purple and green. I only dyed a small quantity....maybe 310 yards and wondered for a long time what I should knit with it. I began Shapely Shawlette by Judy Pascal but I wasn't pleased with that pattern for my linen. Then I saw Iris's shawl and I knew it would be perfect for my linen. The shawl pattern is called Lacy Winged Shawl from March 28, 2007 Knitting Calendar. You can make it in any weight yarn up to sport weight. I used a laceweight linen ( about 200 yds) and a size 4 needle.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A New Addition

How exciting DD and SIL have found the perfect companion for Gwen! It's Wyatt!!! He's three and a is a gelding with impeccable manners, and he's a rescue horse. He's not full size just yet. Welcome Wyatt!!!

Today get over to Cathy's blog and wish her a Happy Bday! Cathy and I share the same bday. I began the day with a knit in of course. I worked on MS3 and I am pleased to say I'm on clue 2 row 123. It may not seen like much to some, but it means the world to me!

The picture below does not do justice to the color or the pattern:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Monday, August 06, 2007

Nursing Shawl

I finished a little shawl for my niece to use when she nurses her newborn. I made it out of some cotton and wool sock yarn for easy washing and drying. It's a simple garter stitch triangle with a crocheted edge.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Seagulls and Clamcakes

As always I migrate to the shore every summer for my yearly dose of chowder and clam cakes and a chance to take pics of the gulls. I did take along a knitting project....some socks. I chose to leave my MS3 Stole at home since I have to do that knitting solo....minus relatives and the wonderful distraction of the sea. I did work on the stole last night and I am pleased to report I'm finally on row 95. This may seem a paltry amount of rows to those who are through with clue 4 , but I'm pleased I have persevered after many rip backs. The most important gain I have made is that I have learned much about lace from this project even if I never finish it.

Enjoy the gulls and see if you can come up with some captions for any of the pics..............