Friday, March 31, 2006

Read, Knit and Spin

Read, Knit and Spin are some of my favorite things! I needed all of what you see, folks. I am in love with Inspired Cable Knits. I love most of the patterns and the inspiration that created them. The child's cabled sweater is lovely.

Last night I began reading Stephanie's Knitting Rules! and found many passages that ring true for the obsessed knitter. I count myself in this category. I'm looking forward to checking out her patterns as well. This will be tonight's reading.

As you can see I finished sock number one...a great knit made out of Trekking sock yarn. The colors are a delight to knit. And yes...I started sock number two as soon as I finished.

Below you see my surprise package from yesterday's mail. I ordered a spindle from Cathy's website.It is a beautifully created stone whorl spindle made of Jasper stone and an oak shaft. It also has a very clever brass hook that holds the singles well! Great design Cathy and M. Better than its looks is how it spins!!!! It is a lightweight spindle that nicely spins the wonderful merino fiber she sent along as a gift. I will be spinning more of this fiber tonight.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Bridal Shower !

This is what being a mom is all about. See that smiling young woman holding the bow bouquet. That's my daughter posing with her bridesmaids at her bridal shower held last Sunday. That's why I haven't had time to post about anything knitterly lately.

We had a wonderful time celebrating her upcoming marriage with food and presents. Marisa's two sweet friends are to the left and my two sweet nieces are to the right. It was an intimate gathering of family and friends. The tables were decorated with fresh flowers and favors. I cheated and ate pasta and two pieces of cake .

Knitting Progress:
In spite of all the craziness of planning the shower and taking care of my mom I did manage to work on some projects. Of course, I did finish John's wedding socks and gave them to him on the day of the shower so he ,too, could have a present to open. Forgive the poor lighting...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's a Start!!!

Well, well.....I've finally rejoined the blogosphere. It's been a busy time for me since my mom's been ill. Rest assured I've been knitting and spinning all the while. Above you see some wonderful merino Ashland Bay fiber I purchased from RI Handspun a few weeks ago. The red color is not as blue as the pic shows it to be. I'm spinning is very thinly in hopes of making a shawl with it.

Last night I had a great time at Sue's Knit In. Paula arrived and worked on a textured sweater in a dark red; thankfully she is feeling better. She hurt her foot last week :(. Judy came along wearing her newest felted dark beige scarf with interesting textures. Patty came as well; she' s been working on some socks for her demonstrations at Coggshell Farm. Sue showed us a delightful sock she knitted for her dear granddaughter.

We passed quite a bit of the time exploring old patterns that Norma passed along for the taking. We had a hoot looking at the vintage 50's and 60's knitted sweaters and outfits that each magazine revealed. At times we were crying because we laughed so hard.