Friday, March 31, 2006

Read, Knit and Spin

Read, Knit and Spin are some of my favorite things! I needed all of what you see, folks. I am in love with Inspired Cable Knits. I love most of the patterns and the inspiration that created them. The child's cabled sweater is lovely.

Last night I began reading Stephanie's Knitting Rules! and found many passages that ring true for the obsessed knitter. I count myself in this category. I'm looking forward to checking out her patterns as well. This will be tonight's reading.

As you can see I finished sock number one...a great knit made out of Trekking sock yarn. The colors are a delight to knit. And yes...I started sock number two as soon as I finished.

Below you see my surprise package from yesterday's mail. I ordered a spindle from Cathy's website.It is a beautifully created stone whorl spindle made of Jasper stone and an oak shaft. It also has a very clever brass hook that holds the singles well! Great design Cathy and M. Better than its looks is how it spins!!!! It is a lightweight spindle that nicely spins the wonderful merino fiber she sent along as a gift. I will be spinning more of this fiber tonight.


Cathy said...

Glad it arrived safely and that you enjoy it. I'll let M know :-)

Laurie said...

Beautiful! Amazing materials.

I also am reading Stephanie's book. Lots to identify with in there.

Judith said...

Love that sock number one--great colors. Beautiful spindle from Cathy's website! Special!