Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sargasso Sea

This bit of winter doldrums sparked my creativity for the last couple of weeks. I began experimenting with some of Judy's sock yarn called Sargasso Sea.The Sargasso Sea gets its name from the sargassum seaweed that lazily floats over its surface. My imagination went to work and this is what I came up with..............

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pi is dry?

Last night I watched La Vie en Rose which is a must see. It depicts the life of French singer Edith Pilaf; make sure you check out the youtube videos of Edith Pilaf singing.

I finished the Pi shawl. Of with all projects knitted with handspun the dreaded "will I have enough yarn to finish the shawl anxiety" plagued me for the last several days.

You know there was not enough yarn to finish the longest edging in the world. I managed to find another skein of handspun mohair wool in a somewhat similar colorway that I substituted. This shawl was born of a need to bring together handspun that produced varied colored skeins due to my neglect to spin it with color in mind. Instead I spun the fiber helter skelter just enjoying the color as it emerged. Due to this spinning approach,I had the dilemma of what to knit with these varied colored skeins. The thought of several small projects did not interest me. Then I thought about the Pi shawl. I've made 3 Pi shawls..two as gifts and one for me in unspun lopi which I dearly love. Here are some before and after blocking pictures of the finished shawl.
Oh yes.........I also finished the fake isle hat for DD in Noro Silk Garden and Patons Classic Merino

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ah..... the Comfort of a Pi Shawl

You know how it can've been toiling away on a "pay attention" lace stole and fair isle sweater. You've finished a few UFO's and you just have to start another project. The dilemma begins as always....what will I knit or spin next?

I need a relaxing " I can talk and knit" type project. What's more comforting and long winded than an EZ Pi Shawl taken from the Knitter's Almanac? I've made this shawl twice. Once you can see here. So that's what I did last night....started the Pi Shawl using my hand spun Copper Beech yarn from know Barn 31 at Rhinebeck. This fiber was spun randomly so the colors of each skein are somewhat related but essentially different. That's when I thought this shawl would fill the bill.

I'm working the shawl in concentric rounds or YO's. Brooklyntweed's Pi Shawl/Blanket made me decide I needed to make this shawl. Of course ......I may changed the pattern if I get too bored with YO's. We will have to see. I love circular knitting for the many design opportunities it can afford.

I did want you to see the socks that I hand dyed and finally finished using a 4knit, 1purl around pattern..............
These were long overdue in the UFO department. I used Silkwood handpainted yarn from the UK and Knitty's Crusoe pattern...................
Love this shot of Ruth in profile taken in our sunny hallway........
Here are DH's assortment of Cory cat fish lined up in parking lot fashion. If you 'd like to see DH's African fish check out this link. You can hear him in the background announcing we've got another Electric Yellow African Cichlid cute!!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Visitor

Who says you can't see wildlife in your backyard in the city? Banish that thought immediately. I was privileged to see a ringnecked male pheasant this morning while washing my dishes. Now I know it's not comparable to a raptor in your barn, DD and SIL, and not a bear in Vermont, Judy.
The pictures are a tad blurry, but that's what happens when you use zoom from your house. I went out into my Florida room to get a closer pic but the dang bird knew I was coming and took off to my neighbor's yard. Did I want to go out in the cold with wet hair to chase this bird.......

Time for a walk with to you later about knitting that's moving along.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Public Art and Make My Day Again

A friend sent me a must see video of public art.........Check it out!

Make My Day Award Redux
Thanks to Cathy and Sharon for making my day for the second and third time this week. I must say that there are so many worthwhile knitting and spinning bloggers in blogland. This award gives us an opportunity to tell each other what we all need to hear from time to time. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Someone is reading my blog.

Zebraknits This blogger rivals Brooklyntweed for photography and journal titles.

is the queen of crochet in every sense. Her creativity with that hook inspires me.

Audioknits is one of the most prolific knitters and readers I know. She continually makes attempts to link the knitting community.

Sharon lives in Reno writes the funniest comments and her dyed wool is heavenly.

Carol writes so thoughtfully about knitting, weaving, painting and her dogs.