Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pi is dry?

Last night I watched La Vie en Rose which is a must see. It depicts the life of French singer Edith Pilaf; make sure you check out the youtube videos of Edith Pilaf singing.

I finished the Pi shawl. Of with all projects knitted with handspun the dreaded "will I have enough yarn to finish the shawl anxiety" plagued me for the last several days.

You know there was not enough yarn to finish the longest edging in the world. I managed to find another skein of handspun mohair wool in a somewhat similar colorway that I substituted. This shawl was born of a need to bring together handspun that produced varied colored skeins due to my neglect to spin it with color in mind. Instead I spun the fiber helter skelter just enjoying the color as it emerged. Due to this spinning approach,I had the dilemma of what to knit with these varied colored skeins. The thought of several small projects did not interest me. Then I thought about the Pi shawl. I've made 3 Pi shawls..two as gifts and one for me in unspun lopi which I dearly love. Here are some before and after blocking pictures of the finished shawl.
Oh yes.........I also finished the fake isle hat for DD in Noro Silk Garden and Patons Classic Merino


Kristen said...

Wow -the shawl is just beautiful, and the edging looks made for the central portion. The hat looks toasty warm.

Sharon said...

You chose the perfect yarn - it looks wonderful.

cyndy said...

The pi turned out to be gorgeous!

I bet it feels wonderful in that handspun mohair!


Cheryl said...

I've been knitting of a handspun pi shawl too lately! Yours is beautiful, I love the way it came out.

Laurie said...

Pi turned out really well. I wouldn't have guessed about the mix 'n match secrets.

Karen said...

Pi is beautiful! Are you keeping this for yourself?

Your hat came out great too!