Thursday, May 28, 2009

Close Encounter of a Fiber Enthusiast

Where do I begin describing the fiber adventures that I have encountered?

Let's go back to New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.........I got to visit many vendors including Mad Angel Creations and Ball and Skein. I purchased some Strawberry Chiffon fiber from Mad Angel and I'm enjoying spindle spinning this wonderful fiber :


Here's Judy at her booth at NHSW:


Next stop is the 3rd Annual RI Sheep and Wool Festival. I had a wonderful day. I participated in our annual RI Spinning Guild Sheep to Shawl Demonstration. Here are some pictures from the day.

Carol and Beth are putting some finishing touches on the shawl

Here's a better view of the overall pattern:

Next post I'll continue the tale................

Thursday, May 07, 2009

It was a great day for photos!

Last week I finally got around to taking pictures that some of you asked for of the shawl and scarf I finished. Judy graciously took some of the pictures. I am happy to report that these two projects are off the needles and ready to roll.

Lately I've been sidetracked in my knitting. I wanted to finish up a new cowl pattern so I double dropped or is it tripled dropped some other projects. My basket overfloweth with several projects screaming for attention like socks, a lace scarf and some zzzzzzz UFO's. easy.... I'm straightening my knitting basket and also plan to pullout some spinning projects before I head out to New Hampshire Sheep and Wool this Saturday. My goal is not to do too much damage at the festival....mmmm maybe a bit of roving or a some nameless wooden object :)))