Thursday, May 28, 2009

Close Encounter of a Fiber Enthusiast

Where do I begin describing the fiber adventures that I have encountered?

Let's go back to New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.........I got to visit many vendors including Mad Angel Creations and Ball and Skein. I purchased some Strawberry Chiffon fiber from Mad Angel and I'm enjoying spindle spinning this wonderful fiber :


Here's Judy at her booth at NHSW:


Next stop is the 3rd Annual RI Sheep and Wool Festival. I had a wonderful day. I participated in our annual RI Spinning Guild Sheep to Shawl Demonstration. Here are some pictures from the day.

Carol and Beth are putting some finishing touches on the shawl

Here's a better view of the overall pattern:

Next post I'll continue the tale................


Margaret said...

Oh what fun! I love that strawberry chiffon fiber -- yum! And the sheep to shawl demonstration looks like it was fun!

Kristen said...

You manged to take a photo of my knitting librarian friend, right behind Judy on the left!
I picked up a skein of her beautiful yarn at the RI show. I saw you and Carol and was going to go back and talk with you, but the Ball and Chain (not to be confused with the Ball and Skein) shooed me along.

Sharon said...

I've only done one sheep to shawl, but what a great experience it was. We got to dye our fiber in advance so yours is more authentic. I'm looking forward to the rest of the pictures.

vanessa said...

how exciting!