Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Knitting at Sue's

As you can see everyone had something to show last night as we knit and chatted at Sue's.Many of our daily trials and tribulations come to the fore when we gather each Tuesday. We are so fortunate to have such a special gathering of knitters ,spinners and other crafters, but most of all we have each other to hang on to when life grabs us by the arm and shakes us to the core. Today's blog entry is a tribute to this wonderful group!

The first pic is a display of Sue's marvelous handiwork. She has designed and stuffed several Christmas stockings for a Navajo tribe with knitted gifts ( hats) and more goodies. Sue always amazes me with her talents , but also the time she always manages to devote to crafts for others.

Here is another Wool Paddlers errrr.... Peddlers shawl knitted by Paula, Queen of Aran, in her own dyed yarn. If you go to her blog ,you can see she's been buying more yarn from the sea.

She admits to being enabled by our own Judy. BTW check out Judy's blog for her brussell sprouts pic and her ribby cardy. She and Marisa are knitting the same cardy. Marisa tells me she is close to putting in the zipper.'s a prolific knitter aka Barbara T.... once again knitting one of her famous Manos sweaters. It's a top down sweater that makes sewing up a sweater unnecessary. I note this as I am now sewing together slip stitch cardy.

Is the sheep cute or what!!! Barbara T brought it along last night. We decided to display Carol R beautiful scarf on its back. She plans to wear this scarf with her new wool barn coat which she has neglected to show us. Carol made the coat, I believe, last spring. Come on, Carol, bring this coat to the knit in soon :).

Last but not least here is a baby surplice I've been working on lately in a soft cotton acrylic that is so squeezable. You know how that is, fiber lovers.

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judy said...

Thanks for letting play catch up with you guys.. what a night!