Friday, May 27, 2005

The Sun Peeks Out

I can't believe it! The sun peeked today, but it appears to have withdrawn as I write. Oh well least it is a bit warmer. I look forward to planting more flowers this weekend.

On the knitting front I continue with the slip stitch cardigan, Marisa's stole and some Opal socks. I just about knitted a few rows on each before falling asleep on the couch. The last two days at work were exhausting.

I forgot to give the Knit In report this week. Tuesday night Sue graciously put on the old pot of tea as always. Barbara T was there working on another hat in bulky yarn. Paula, too, worked on another hat made out of her handspun that she purchased from Sue's RI Handspun fiber offerings. It was luscious. Marie continued work on her crocheted piece and I worked on Marisa's stole.
I so look forward to these gatherings to see what everyone is doing thereby getting inspiration.
Sue also showed us her latest dye creations some lovely silk in a pink colorway and some mohair/silk in a dark orange-yellow and red. Help me here, Sue....

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