Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Meet My New Sock :It was a Difficult Birth

Little do we know what goes on in the lives of knitters behind the scenes. Yes ...I'm referring to the knitter's nightmare called....THE TANGLE. Sunday on the way to visit with my daughter and her fiance it happened. I decided to work with the sock yarn by pulling out the center thread. You know this can be risky and it was. I pulled ever so gently,but it was not meant to be. The dreaded TANGLE emerged....I was not daunted by this task...after all our knitting group had saved Carol R from a worse tangle created by her beagle....I could do it...untangle it. After working on this tangle dare I say conservatively two- three hours I gave up. Yup....threw my hat ( err.... sock) in the ring and broke that baby free of a smaller tangle. At least it was a smaller tangle. And we all know Opal gives you a generous amount of yarn.

So here is the new sock in all her glory...I won't tell you today what happened to my Flower Basket Shawl.....that's for another day :)

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