Sunday, May 22, 2005

Gusset and Garden Shots

I'm coming along on this Opal Element sock. The second sock will be a chore as we all know second sock syndrome it very real. All the same socks are a great carry along project. I also began another sweater...slip stitch cardigan. I'll post a pic soon.

I stayed up late last night watching Soundstage. Fleetwood Mac performed;what a treat to hear Stevie Nicks and the band. The lead guitarist was superb!


Gerald said...

Second sock syndrome. an evil thing that is :)

One of the LYS in my area just taught a class on how to do two socks at once on a 40 inch circular. I wasn't able to take the class, but the knitters were loving having two socks the same size.

You flower pictures are beautiful!

cindy said...

Gerald.....I have done two socks at once using two sets of needles. I haven't tried the two on the circulars. Maybe I'll try some day :)