Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Man and His Socks

Ralph finally received his new socks. and they fit!!! Glad they are finished so I can finish two more projects: Opal socks...I'm on the second and ready to turn the heel and my Rowan T-shirt which only needs two tiny sleeves. I CAN DO IT!!!!

Yesterday Sue and I had a great day. We started with cups of DD coffee and then headed out to PASA for our spring foray. Of course...we bought stuff....most of which is in my trunk so I have not taken any photos of the stash enhancement ( I'd better get that stuff out of the trunk this morning ...LOL.).

The rayons were rather nice .....maybe I'll make another summer shell. I even bought some glitsy stuff for a shawl!!! What fun to visit that place. Next we headed to a Chinese restaurant for their buffet...what a day!! Today I'm off to work :(


mad angel said...

Those socks look great, Cindy! Now on to a more lively colorway, eh? And next time you guys are off to Pasa, give me a holler, wouldja? I could meet you there...

Marisa said...

Hey, those feet look familar!