Monday, May 16, 2005

I don't know whether I have more yarn or patterns . At NHSW I bought a lovely simple lace cardigan pattern from Green Mountain and today I just had to have the Ribby Cardigan and Scoop du Jour from ChicKnits.

My head is dancing with which of these wonderful patterns I wish to knit. Add to this I happen to have Wyman's cardigan cable pattern that Kim knit in Peruvian wool. It was in my pattern stash all the time waiting for me to find it. LOL I even tried to buy a pattern at NHSW that I already OWN!!!! Can you stand it? I need to create an inventory in my PDA.

Today Marisa saw the Peruvian wool at Elann and has to make the Ribby. She chose malt for the sleeves and oatmeal for the body. Great color choice to wear with everything including jeans.

Oops...I forgot to mention M and J gave me a beautiful amber and sterling necklace above for mom's is so beautiful!!! I can wear it with my amber ring!!!
********************************************************** were right about the plant identification...It's Veronica!!! Thanks for the help!!!

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