Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spinning for Sock yarn

Yesterday in the comment section Grace said:"I am having a problem getting my yarn fluffy like yours ...... I want to make some sock yarn for me so i can learn to knit socks. I think my own yarn is way to thin.. any ideas on plumping it?"

Please know that I am not an authority on spinning, but I have spun for some ten years. Here's what I have learned about "plumping yarn." If by this you mean making it thicker, I would suggest making a three ply. I've done this with the yarn you see from my last post by Navajo plying the singles I created. But making a three ply using three singles is perhaps the best way to make a plumper or more rounded yarn especially for making socks. For durability I would spin each singles worsted and not woolen since the latter will produce a sock yarn that is less durable.

I have made two ply sock yarns as well, and I very much like a wool/mohair blend. I also have heard that others have made them out of Romney or Border Leicester. I avoid Merino unless it's a superwash Merino. Short fibers like Merino can pill when knitted up as socks. Although if spun properly, even Merino can make a great sock yarn....think Koigu yarn.

Jeannine Bakriges
, who is from Vermont, has a great post on her website about spinning sock yarn, but be sure to scroll down the page. I took a workshop with her at WEBS last fall which was very helpful in learning how to spin a thicker singles.

I also noticed that Holly Shaltz has a good description of how to spin sock yarn.

Check out Elizabeth's Saturday Spin In. Some wonderful fiber there!!!Spin on!!!


Kim said...

thank you for these links! I am going to attempt to spin some wool for socks and they have been a great help!

Marcia said...

I was fortunate to take a 3-day, very intensive sock spinning and knitting class at SOAR two years ago. Nancy Bush taught the knitting part, Judith MacKenzie the spinning part. She advocates nothing under three-ply for socks, and only worsted spun for comfort and durability. We used mostly Merino top in the class, although we were given the chance to blend in silk and even cashmere. She doesn't like chained plying for socks because of the potential for both irritation and wearing out at the point of the loops. There is something about taking a class with the woman...your mantra becomes "Judith says...."!

spider said...

Hi Cindy,
I want to thank you for your kind plug and leading folks to my blog.
Much appreciated!

Also, need to tell you that your recently finished cabled cardigan is LOVELY and looks great on you.