Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oh Ye of Little Faith

What a difference a blocking makes!!! I spent the last two days sewing up the Reynolds cardigan I made with a mystery fleece that Judy and I bought from the NH Sheep and Wool Festival a couple of years ago. You know how we agonize over our sweater making:

Did I spin enough yarn?

Should I have made the larger size?

Should I sew the seams using a backstitch or do the mattress stitch?

Did I use the best yarn for this pattern?

Am I sewing in too many ends into a particular seam?

Will I like the sweater enough to wear it?

Well..................I want to report that I think I'm happy with the sweater. The sweater is drying as I write this post. It 's not too small DD; looks like mama can wear this baby!

Here she is:


judy said...

I hope your bringing that for me to see. Wonderful!!

Cathy said...

Beautiful! Yes, I want to see you in it too.

Cindy said...

Sounds a lot like my internal dialog when working on sweaters (minus the spinning part!), but that turned out beautifully and looks as if it will be very cozy and comfortable! I hope you will post a picture of you wearing it for those of us who know you through your blog!

vanessa said...

can't wait to see the modelled shots!