Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday Spin In

As you can see I have been doing more spinning. I'm close to building a good size cop on these two very different spindles. One is a CD spindle made out of a small DVD ,and the other is an ebony spindle I mentioned in an earlier post. I also included a felted ball. It was easily made by taking some discarded know the stuff left over when combing or carding some wool locks. I make a good size wad of the wool and stuff it in a nylon knee high stocking and throw it it with the wash as well as the dryer. My plan is to put each spindle in a paper bag or bowl to facilitate their movement and then pull the two singles simultaneously to wrap around the felted ball. Once the ball is covered with the two singles I will ply them together using a spindle. I plan to post pictures of the technique once I fill the spindles a bit more.

Yesterday I visited RI Handspun and got to visit with Marva who purchased a new Ashford Traveller from Sue. Her new wheel is a beauty, and she was spinning a lovely raspberry colored merino and tencel fiber. Lovely eye candy. Tssskk Tsssk....I didn't even think to take a picture.

Out and About Saturday Spin Ins:
Cathy's spinning merino on the Symphony and Shetland on the Schacht and more merino on the Clemes and Clemes. This is why we need additional wheels....

Grace is s winding some rose agate from her niddy noddy. Lovely color!

Margene is spinning some to die for sock yarn.

Elizabeth is displaying the neatest lamb kate with her latest fiber in progress.

Interested in Portuguese knitting? These YouTube videos were posted on the Historic Knit discussion group

Cast on:
Knit stitch:
Cast off:
And one in Portuguese:



Hi Dear Cindy! I think you yarn is going great! Did you use a grommet for the dvd spindle? I am looking for more mini cd's.
Thanks for your comment on the rose agate.. can you guess what I dyed it with?? KOOL AID!! I took the fleece and put it in my crock pot with vinegar at about 225 degrees. After a few min i sprinkled on different Kool aids and poked with a chopstick to submerge, but tried not to mix up the water. I am happy too how it turned out, it's a lot of fun spinning shade differences. That Rose agate was spun on my cd hand spindle ( mini cd's) Did you see my video on you tube on putting a ply from spindle to yarn winder? I do up all my singles this way, then pull from center of the ball. I put one ball on one side of my chair and the other one on the other side, then I ply them together by wheel or by spindle. I really like your ball, and I really never thought of using a nylon stocking to make the ball but what a great idea! Hmm, having an idea now for the toddler nieces and nephews we have.
I also watched that portugese knitting but the needles look so different that want we could get.. hmm wonder if it would be possible to get those here.
I found those videos facinating.
thanks so much for starting the SSI group!
Oh and your fair isle is EXQUISITE!

vanessa said...

fascinating utubes!