Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Spin In

It looks as though this Saturday Spin In idea is working for me!!! It's a reminder to try to spin at least once a week; this is causing me to get back in the spinning groove with some regularity. Above you can see I've given you a picture of and old spinning project. I'm sure I've already spun most of the 3 lbs of fiber. I've forgotten what fiber it is....some commercial roving which I want to say is not merino, but a soft creamy wool I just love. My plan if I ever get to it is to knit an aran sweater.

One of our spinning guild members spun this same fiber and knitted an aran which I had to make. She used a Patons pattern....well you know the rest! I just had to hunt down this pattern. I was lucky to find it on ebay because it was out of print. Now the question is do I want to make this pattern or have I fallen out of love with it. This is a problem when you have too many projects and become a pattern cheat...LOL.

I can see that Cathy has done some spinning, Grace has made some very interesting yarn she calls reconstruction art yarn. Margene is spinning with the gang as well. Hope she shows us what fiber she has chosen to spin. If you want to join our Saturday Spin In email me with Saturday Spin In in the subject line and tell me your blog name. Are you blogless? Don't me your spinning picture and I'll post it on my blog. Get your fiber mojo working.

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