Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Spin In

I'm delighted to say that I've been spinning this week. I am continuing to spin the creamy mystery fiber you all saw last week. I do want to mention that I'm working with a squeaky bobbin which is very annoying. I've oiled it and any adjacent parts, but still no luck. Perhaps the inner passage of the bobbin needs to be reamed. The kicker is I have a number of bobbins for this Country Craftsman wheel and I HAD to pick the noisy one...sigh. I'll have to label it! I could change the bobbin,but I have enough singles on it to make the noise bearable. What we spinners put up with in the name of fiber.

Benny looks to the east while sitting on my favorite gray shawl....................

Hopefully I can get someone to take my picture while I'm wearing my finished cardigan.



Dear Cindy and all.
Well I have to thank you for answering my question about the sock yarn, I am so very grateful. Yes the problem was that i was spinning woolen. When I tried worsted it plumped up a bit more. I think i will have to triple ply though. I do have a lot to learn, and Cindy you were a great help to me!
Your mystery yarn looks a lot like the merino mix mystery yarn I am doing, if you go to
you can see the new white yarn i made, it is very close in color and texture. So could yours be part merino?

I think your black sweater is absolutely scrumptious. I am so in awe! I am spining like crazy but when it comes to knitting... well cables are hard for me! I so admire your sweater!
I posted links in my blog for all the spinning i did for the Sat Spin in too! I have never spun so much in one week before this one!
I had a disaster. My wheel upright maiden fell apart. I had to have dh fix was without a wheel to ply for a day. I did some energized singles because i could not ply. He fixed it, but it isn't pretty. He then tightened everything on my ashford traditional and now, my wheel has never worked better! No more clacking either.. So you might try tightening everything, if you have not yet.. I Have to take pics and will put on my blog.
So I did a lot , a really lot of hand spindling this week and played too with my new Spindolyn.
See my site for more.

Laurie said...

Nice stuff. I did that, but blue.