Friday, September 01, 2006

Mind Patterns

I've decided that I'm passionate about patterns. Yes....knitting patterns, of course, but it it is deeper than that. It harks back to our species atavistic traits. Love of the primitive zig and zag, whorls and waves imprinted on early pottery and textiles.

These patterns draw the eye into a rhythmic trance that delights. Consider as well the textural quality...The Braille of a gansey or aran pattern that equally delights the eye as well as the hand.

Yes....the mind is in love with patterns and more so when pattern is combined with color. That is exactly why elaborate fair isle patterning draws me over and over.

Textiles delight the mind through all our senses.

Weaving Report: I'm happy to say that I'm back to playing with my small looms. Last night I located my inkle loom to finish a project begun by a dear friend and spinning teacher who showed me how to weave on the inkle loom a few years ago. I finally decided to finish what she began so I can begin another inkle project thanks to Sara's inspiration.

Knit Report: Here is a charity project that is almost finished.

Just in time I've finished two surplices for a friend's twin grandchildren who were born prematurely.

I also picked up the mate to the cashmere/ wool sock you see below. I'm just about to turn the heel of the second sock.

Lastly....Durrow has made an appearance with the advent of the cooler weather. I just have to knit the sleeves.


marisa said...

baby sweaters came out really cute!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the links - good post!

judy said...

You sure have been busy. Tell more about the pink sweater. Cute.

cindy said...

The baby sweater was knitted in Plymouth Encore using the free pattern at

My only change to the pattern would be to make sure to do a garter stitch edge to the sleeves.

Kristen said...

I enjoyed the links to different types of patterns. The tiny baby jackets are so cute!

Anonymous said...

How funny, I was just reading about those inkle looms the other day. I love your blog!