Monday, September 25, 2006

Today I Post the Sock Cavern

The sock cavern is an interesting subject for discourse. Just think how we sock knitters can create a shape that the anatomically correct foot can enter and be satisfied. Quite a feat...huh! I leave you to ponder this thought.

This sock is made of yarn I won at Kristen's blog recently. I love the pink coloring.

Special thanks this week to Mr. and Mrs. Etherknitter!!! They helped me solve the saving the blog issue by recommending this open source software to archive my website. Not to mention Mr. E's extra help to get my site saved immediately!!! I should also mention that Margene recommended this site as well.


AR said...

Yes, quite a feet. hahaha

Lucky you for winning that pretty yarn!

margene said...

And I also got the info from Mr. E!!

Kristen said...

You are a philosopher as well as a sock knitter. I'm glad you like the Opal. Thanks for the blog-saving info.

Beth S. said...

I think I have that very same Opal in the stash. I'm glad to see that it knits up nicely! :-)

The Etherknitters rock. As does Margene.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!
Just to let you know that your secret tea swap pal is posting your parcel today - woo hoo!

Laurie said...

Glad it worked out for you! I breathed so much easier when he did that for me.