Saturday, September 02, 2006

In the Pink

Today I'm in the pink! One of the members of my knitting guild asked us to make a pink sweater that will be donated to an orphanage in China. Whenever a female child is adopted she is dressed in a pink sweater. I wonder who will wear this sweater. I wish her health and happiness. Sue of RI Handspun sells the pink yarn for this project at a discount if you decide you'd like to make one for the cause.

Last night I couldn't resist...I know...I know...the stash is growing...but it's just one ball! I bought one of Lisa Sousa's sock yarns in a knock out color called Mars Quake. I can't wait to get it and start the socks.


Kristen said...

The pink sweater looks so pretty and soft. You can bring it to the guild meeting; someone will be collecting them. How nice that Sue is discounting the yarn for the project.

Jo said...

Did you HAVE to tell me about that Lisa Souza yarn? I've never seen anything so beautiful. And I too had just vowed to buy NO MORE sock yarn until I'd finished the current stash... Oh well, there goes another resolution.


marisa said...

That sweater came out really adordable. I really like the garter edge!

Knitcrazy said...

My Daughter is waiting almost a year now to go to China to bring her adopted daughter home.. I have had a Bootie Project going on for when she goes there... You cansee it in My Blog
I'll have to tell her to bring a Pink Sweater :)