Wednesday, August 17, 2005

To Felt or Not to Felt

Well....what's the verdict? Should I felt this small purse? I knitted it out of some handspun that is well aged. Last night at Sue's the consensus was to felt it. What do you think?

Knit In: As usual we had a great time sharing our work last night at Sue's. We discussed wool quilting, knitting patterns and projects. It appears that our dear Carol R is out of her knitting slump at last. She working on Flower Basket Shawl and has renewed my interest in starting another one. Hers is knitted in her very own butterscotch handspun yarn. She also started the latest Interweave sock pattern in Mountain colors, but see her for that story :). Paula continues her work on the lovely aran, and she finished the Spiral Yoke Sweater in seawater- dyed yarn that is gorgeous. I brought along some show and tell that you have seen on earlier blog entries. Sue showed us the newest Wild Fibers magazine issue.

Below is a pic of my new Keen Shoes!!! I love these shoes; they are waterproof and sooooo comfortable. I got them at Keen's in Wakefield in the boy's department at 20% off. Women's size 8 is equal to boy's size 6 or 7. Keep this in mind ladies because the price of boy's shoes are a lot lower. Of course.... I had to buy boy's Teva's as well....

Today I have to go wool remnant shopping...if anyone wants to go call me :)


Kristen said...

Tough call on the purse. It would look nice felted but I also like the way it looks au naturel, kind of rustic. Your lizard socks are great! Keen Casuals is a favorite of mine; I was so disappointed when they closed the closer-to-me Westerly store. Are you trying to tell us that you did not go to Knit One Purl Too just a hop skip and jump from the shoe store, or are you holding out on us?!

cindy said...

I did go to the yarn shop:)...that's where I bought the button!!!

Kim said...

I'd say felt.......I bet it is very cute felted up :-).

I have a few pair of Keen's and I LOVE them!!! Great idea about shopping in the boys section.

Gerald said...

I vote felt
Felt, Felt, Felt, Felt

but you can ignore me and go with what your intuition tells you!

Judith said...

Did you already felt it? Then I say, felt the bag. Those shoes! My sister in law, Sweet P, has been living in those all summer & swears by them. She raved about them this past weekend when I visited her. I like your color.