Monday, August 01, 2005

Old Home Days

The first pic shows Carol and me participating in the Spinning Bee at Foster Old Home Days. We didn't win, but we had great fun;instead one of the young spinners won. Both Carol and I broke our singles.

The second pic shows Marisa, John and me viewing the knitted and spun entries.

As you can see Carol M in the third pic is having a great time sporting Barbara T's wonderful knitted hat.

Sandy and Paula relax in the last pic while spinning on Saturday.

Below are Marisa's hat, my handspun yarn and John's Hat and scarf......

We had such a great time on Saturday and Sunday spinning and eating such delicacies as dough boys, ice cream and french fries. Many were there to spin and visit...Carol R spun some lovely purple fiber her granddaughter gave her. Sue's granddaughter, son and daughter-in-law came to visit. We had a great time playing with the baby and taking turns holding the bundle of joy!

I even got to announce a 4-H Leadline competition in which my second cousin took a first place!!
What a great weekend thanks to the fine weather. We missed Patty and Judy!! Check out her Lilies.......


Kristen said...

Thanks for bringing us virtually to the Old Home Days with you. Congratulations to the 3 of you on the award-winning fiber arts! (And I notice how Sandy's outfit coordinates with her spinning.)

Judith said...

Absolutely fabulous! You all are very talented & look like you are enjoying yourselves immensely. Proud of you all!