Sunday, August 14, 2005

Secret Pal Gifts Arrive!

As you know this has been such a hot weekend. My birthday broke a record with a " feel like" temperature of 105 degrees, but nonetheless I had a great day! I had calls from family and friends and DH took me out for a lovely dinner. I also was wowed by my SP who had no idea of the date of my Bday. She sent me the loveliest collection of gifts!!! Another wonderful skein of a to die for sock yarn!!! The other gifts are so wonderful too!!! What a thoughtful SP!!!! Check out the pic below....

I've been knitting a few afghan square as well. This is the first finished square made out of my handspun. Not a great shot, but hey you can see some of the cabling.I'm also working on a magic square I'll post about when finished.

Stay cool folks!!!


Kim said...

You DO have a wonderful Secret Pal!! I love the Thymes products!!!

Happy Birthday!

marisa said...

Wow, nice cables! And your SP really does know what you like!!