Monday, August 08, 2005

A Morning of Sea and Mimosas

Here is the 63-foot Brandaris, a Dutch Ship named for a Dutch sea god, built in 1938 at an Amsterdam shipyard;it uses lee boards rather than a centerboard when sailing. It helped the original owners escape the Nazi occupation. This ship was hidden from the Germans and escaped from Holland with refugee children. It also spirited away hundreds of British soldiers in two trips during the evacuation of Dunkirk during WW II. We had the distinct pleasure of a 3 hour morning cruise on her historical decks armed with nothing more than our knitting needles.

I had the pleasure of sharing our deck space with an able crew assisted by John who aided in hoisting the sails. John wowed the knitters aboard with his sock knitting. Indeed John and I were the only knittters aboard sporting sock projects; his sock is green and white self- striping yarn and you all know the sock I'm still working on.

Marisa's project was Ribby Cardigan which is coming along nicely in a creamy beige and oatmeal colors. Judith G worked on a lovely Noro crocheted sweater she intends to give to her daughter. The yarn is lovely shade of purples and blues. You can see Judith below taking a picture of me taking a picture of her !!!

Witness some of the knitting ideas we saw during our morning cruise. The hat you see below appears to be crocheted with fun yarns and a black wool. The hat seemed to be modeled after some type of Peruvian design with a wrap around scarf. I must say she wore it with unusual panache. Next to her is a pic of another sweater project done in a Merino ribbon that is to die for in the color department.

Lastly, the sock on my foot bids a sad farewell to Wickford Harbor as we return to port after a gloriously beautiful morning at sea! Many returned to the Beadz Go On to shop to their knitting hearts' delight. Check out Judith's blog for more tales at sea.


Kristen said...

What a wonderful history behind the Brandarus. It looks like you had a beautiful day for cruising and knitting from your photos. The girl in the hat, scarf, and jacket seems a bit out of place!

John said...

You spelled the name of the ship wrong, Cindy, I'm shocked! =0

It's Brandaris =)

cindy said...

I stand corrected!

Judith said...

Hey, shipmate! I feel as if I relived the day visiting your blog report. You have a great photo of the crocheted hat & John too! It was wonderful meeting Marisa & John.