Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Blocking the Shapely Shawlette

This morning after a strong cup of ice tea I decided to wash and block Shapely Shawlette. Last night I finished adding the crocheted picot edging as a design element. I am pleased with the result.

The wash consisted of a capful of Eucalan in very hot water. Many a knitter fears wool and hot water which is unfounded provided you exercise caution....do not agitate, wring or change the water temperature. Yes...this is the opposite of what we do to felt a project. I placed the shawl in the hot bath with Eucalan and let it soak for about 10 minutes, then I removed the shawl and squeezed it to remove some of the water. Do not wring or twist the garment.Next, I put the garment in the washing machine and put it on the spin cycle being careful not to put it on the spin cycle where it adds a cold rinse.After a few minutes of spinning I pin the shawl down to a mattress using sewing pins.You can avoid the washing machine method by placing the wet garment in a towel, rolling the towel up and pressing down on it to remove excess water. Lastly I insert the pins after pulling the shawl taut on a surface that will accept pins. It will dry very quickly if you live in a dry climate. This is New England with 80% humidty so it may take a little more than a day.

Now my task is to finish the second Lizard Sock and Slip Stitch Cardigan which I abandoned in the heat. Of course, I will have to begin at least two new projects. Any suggestions out there for what I should do next?


Kristen said...

Cindy,the shawlette is just beautiful! That's a loooot of pinning. Make sure you get a modeling photo. I do want to make a shawlette one of these days.

marisa said...

hey excuse me, is that my old bed you are pinning the shawl to? :)

It looks great, I like the edging!

Carol said...

Hi Cindy, I like the edging. I finished my shawlette as well. Waiting to catch up with the recipient. Again ran out of yarn on the cast off row, can you believe it, so finished with my original # 305, same color but obvious different dyelot...oh well, now what to start next...you finished 1 and you can start 2, and ofcourse your can buy something new as well...my rule...have a great day and fun choosing what is next, that is half the fun.