Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Happy Holiday Week !!

This,of course, is Puddy my DD's cat. He loves to pose for pics. This is the best pic yet I have of him. Sue......I know you will love this shot.

Naturally...DD's horse had to be included in the photo shoot. Gwen's coat is soooo thick this time of year. I had the pleasure of checking out Gwen and her horse and chicken friends. I nearly had some chicken s***t land on my head while the chickens were roosting on the rafters...LOL

On Christmas day we had a very special time at my niece's home.

My DD made me the lovely socks you see below. She used a sock pattern from Vintage Socks.

I also received some yarn from DD and DSIL......I'm planning on making the hat designed by Brooklyntweed. DD bought me the same colors he used. The Telemark yarn from Knitpicks is a wonderful woolen yarn. They also bought me some sock yarns and circular needles. It's so wonderful to have knitters in the family!!!


Laurie said...

It sounds like it was quite a wonderful holiday! Now all you need is a sheep in the picture.

Kristen said...

Nice photos. Puddy is a beauty. The hat is great - I wish I had knitters in the family who knew how to pick gifts like that!

Kim said...

Great kitty photo....and very nice presents "-)!

I got my sock yarn yesterday....THANK YOU!

AR said...

Great gifts! Isn't spending time with family the best?

The animals are very pretty, too. :)

Peevish said...

Puddy is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

wow, handknit socks made by your daughter- what's better than that!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed that you daughter made you some socks (I'll have to send a hint to some of my daughters!) They are very lovely and you can't get a better gift than that!

Happy New Year!