Monday, October 23, 2006

Saturday Sky at Rhinebeck

Here are pic of the glorious day at Rhinebeck. The ride there provided much beautiful foliage and knitting time thanks to Sandy C, our driver. Muriel, Marva and Carol M were on board as well.

You can see that the blogger meetup at 1 pm went well. Laurie and I walked to the meeting place after I remembered that is was time to seek out our fellow bloggers. There were too many for me to remember to list here; but some of the bloggers that I recognized were: Margene wearing a lovely Fair Isle vest, Maryse wearing a wonderful scarf from Scarf Style, Cosmicpluto wearing a Lopi styled sweater of her own handspun and design and, of course, Judy wearing Ribby in Noro. Linda, Judy's sister, was wearing a lovely scarf made with Judy's beautifully dyed merino and silk. I also spoke to Beth and got to see her lovely sweater in person while she was spindle shopping. Sadly, Sue from RI Handspun could not join us, but she was there in spirit as we made several purchases for her.

I was so happy to see Vanessa and her beautiful Marina. She graciously allowed me to take a pic....

Then, of course, I met David of Sweater Project. He hails from San Antonio, Texas. He was wearing a wonderful kilt complete with his handknitted kilt hose ; he gave me the pattern after I swooned over the kilt hose. It's here if you want it as well.

Naturally....I had to succumb to buying fleece....some lovely cormo. Lest you think I lost my head...I'm splitting this haul with Marva and CarolM.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll show more of my Rhinebeck goodies as well as give an update on my FO's.


Sandysknitting said...

I did not see Cindy. Rats.

Cathy said...

What a good time!

AR said...

Ooh, what fun. I'm jealous.

David said...

Howdy Cindy! Enjoy the pattern - just remember, my notations are not to be trusted.

I'm going to be coming down off the high of being around so many wonderful knitters for a month. :-)

vanessa said...

whah, i only got to see you for a second!!!
that fleece is to die for :-)