Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shoots and Socks

This week has been exciting in the garden. One of my fragrant lilies...can't think of it's name at the moment....has begun to show itself. It is a beautiful snow white with a spectacular fragrance. I hope it will be as lovely as when I bought it. It is planted next to Cathy's daylilies which are popping up as well. The thrill of springtime in the garden is such a joy.

Here are the Trekking XXL fraternal socks I completed for my mom. I gave them to her as part of her Easter gift last Sunday. They fit her perfectly. She's very happy to add them to her collection of handmade socks. She loves all of them so much that she has me mending the older ones. She claims she's saving this pair for next fall and winter.

Well...I'm off to the coal mines!


Laurie said...

Don't you just the love the return of your garden buddies each year?

The socks area great...such a wonderful colorway. Glad you have an appreciative mom for those.

Judith said...

Love this title--"Shoots & Socks"--you could take that one & run with it! Is it Lily of the Valley you are smelling? Mine is starting too--they are lovely. Love the socks. Nothing like knitted socks--they breathe & lift the spirits. Happy Earth Day to you!

vanessa said...

looking forward to seeing the lily bloom! nice socks for your mom :-)