Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Spin In

Wow.....I've been remiss in posting this week. Guess I've been busier with this and that. I did manage to eek out some spinning this week and on three different spindles no less.

The Forrester is used here to spin mohair and wool. I love this spindle because it is very lightweight and spins like a dream. I also enjoy using a y-shaped tree branch as a distaff. I learned this technique from Rita Buchanan at The Gathering last year. What a wonderful use of a natural item to hold fiber. Of course...Rita took the bark off her distaff unlike me!

The Spanish Peacock is used here to spin Montedale. Now that I've got one small skein done I want to spin more.

The Turkish spindle purchased years ago used to spin merino/mohair I purchased at Rhinebeck several years ago. I resurrected my Turkish spindle because Judy and Sue have been spinning with them; ahhhh....the inspiration of friends. I must admit I prefer the other two spindles due to the speed with which I can churn out the singles. The Turkish slows me down....but there is the center pull ball that it produces which can save time as well. Perhaps it's a wash time wise.

Out and About:
Woolapalooza at Laurie's blog.

Grace made some CD spindles and has been spinning short fiber.

Kathy's knit a wonderful Forest Canopy Shawl!

Judy's dying some wool silk in beautiful colors...............

Margene's finished plying a lovely springtime skein that she plans to knit into baby clothing.

Marcy's Song of Spring is a must see..............

Sue brought this to my attention; it's a must see. She says it illustrates how people appear when they can't figure out some small computer task.

Happy Springtime all!!!


AR said...

Great pictures and links!

cyndy said...

Hi Cindy!
(stopping in by way of Wanda's Weekend blog)
Your spindles and wool are beautiful!
Would you please explain how you hold the distaff? (Actually, both of them!) I have never seen anyone actually using them, and would appreciate direction on how to dress them....

Laurie said...

That technophobe link is wonderful.

Going to post, hopefully by tomorrow, on my sweater-spinning-progress. You would be proud! 1743 feet, starting last Saturday, ending this Saturday...almost 300 yards of a Coopworth sweater.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh wow Cindy :) I too have come via Wanda's blog and I love your spindles. What a great idea using a branch as a distaff , so very practical