Sunday, April 08, 2007

How to Dress a Branch and Bracelet Distaff

Cyndy asked how I dress my distaffs. Here are some pictures of the process of dressing a y- shaped tree branch. First I draft the fiber or roving until it is the appropriate size for the size of singles I wish to create. This predrafting is essential for creating somewhat uniform singles. After predrafting I wrap the singles around the lowest portion of the V shape of the branch. I then continue wrapping in a figure eight fashion. I hold the distaff with the predrafted roving in my right hand, get the spindle spinning then draft out the fiber with my right hand and I use my left hand to hold the singles in order to allow the twist into the drafting triangle slowly.

I love the bracelet distaff my friend Sue made me. When I use the string bracelet distaff I wrap the fiber differently. I just wrap the predrafted roving around and around the vertical portion of the distaff which is hanging from my wrist. What is wonderful about the bracelet distaff is that the bracelet stays on your wrist holding the fiber while the Y-shaped branch distaff has to be held in your hand.