Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Here is a great use of my Stash and my camera. I took my first self-portrait successfully after 10 tries!!! This felted hat is knit in Peer Gynt yarn.

This morning I mosyed over to Laurie's blog and listened to her intelligently discuss the most emotional topic of all....that of stash size. This is the first I've heard of microstashing, but I like the concept. In fact I could divide my stash into microstashes and perhaps alleviate the guilt of owning so much fiber and yarn.

Let's see.....there is the fleece microstash hanging out in my garage mostly. This stash doesn't bother me as much since it's by its lonesome away from the twin towers of my real stash. Then there is my bin microstash....this contains rovings and yarns which are separated as to yarn weight. The last microstash is the most embarrassing...this is cones of yarn and other assorted yarns just thrown together in bags in much need of organization.

OOPS....I forgot the dining room corner...this area is the launch pad to the twin towers in the basement. When I buy new yarn or fiber, I park it briefly in the corner of the dining room. DH notices that the pile grows...when it gets too high and he complains, I move it to the I guess this is the birthplace of a microstash.

My DD has been causing me to add to the dining room corner. Look below and you can see I've caused the pile to grow higher with Paton's Classic Wool and Dalegarn Sisik...add to this she got me to buy more yarn today....EEKkkkkk.


judy said...

more YESTERDAY??? where did you go? what a tease... and if you think those areas are micro anything... lol... ;-)

Kristen said...

Nice self-portrait- now how DID she do that? (I had to 'embiggen' the photo to see the cozy hat in one of my Fave yarns.) Hmmm...I fail to see how the stash enhancement can be blamed on Marissa!

Laurie said...

VERY clever, using the divide and conquer strategy. I can DO that. It's much easier than trying to stop buying.

Very well done self-portrait!

Carol said...

I have to agree with Kristen, that statement did jump out at me...hmmm, like she made me do it? Just what you needed another enabler. And to the subject of is still stash all together or spread around, ask me how I know :~/

Judith said...

Great self portrait, I must say! And excellent use of stash--hat is great. Ahh, the stash size...I am happy that I am not the only one in the world with The Stash!