Monday, January 30, 2006

Round and Round

This collage depicts the circularity of our lives. We spin round and round, and we teach our daughters as well. Upper left corner shows Carol M's work; next to her is Carol R's purple varigated singles and then my Alpaca/wool/ and bunny. Middle row left is Sue's blue and purple mohair spun on her Hitchhiker; next is Sandy's wool followed by Patty's neat wheel. The bottom row hosts Paula's electric spinner filled with some lovely plying; next is Phoebe knitting a sock followed by Paula helping Phoebe. What a challenging first project, Phoebe!!!!

Yes....the joy of Saturday's Spin In at Sue's......


Laurie said...

Pictures really do tell a thousand word's worth. Great collage!

mad angel said...

Phoebe has about 2-1/2 inches of her cuff done already, and brought her knitting to school to work on during classroom "down" times. She reports that she got a lot of positive input from peers AND teachers! Kewl!

No knitting for me tonight, thanks to the lovely sleet/slush/snow falling here right now, so I'm doubly glad I got out to play on Saturday.

Hope to see you next week.