Monday, July 11, 2005

Sock it to me!

As you can see the Trekking toe is coming along nicely. Soon I'll be doing the Lizard top. Bennie nicely posed for me yesterday so I could get this pic of him.

Now...I'm in a quandry about what to do today...hmmmm...there's dyeing using my new secondhand crockpot or fleece washing(got 3-4 of those to play with) or starting another knitted shell.What I should do is work on the projects that are already swamping my family room floor . To date I have one scarf, three sweaters, two socks, 4 shawls....seems like they should take priority huh :)

Now the crockpot dyeing is still calling to me. Fibernation has a wonderful tutorial. Then there is koolaid dyeing...especially since I picked up 12 packages for a dollar at Job Lot.

Here are some sites for information:

Dyeing Protein Fibers with Koolaid

Koolaid Dyeing

Knitty's Koolaid Dyeing

Dyeing Yarn with Koolaid Colors

Who knows what I'll do, but I plan to have some fun today one way or another.

Movie Time Quiz 3

  • "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers,"
  • "I'm king of the world!"
  • "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary,"


Cathy said...

I love solar dyeing with koolaid and food coloring.

Have fun - looking forward to your results.

John said...

Argh, I only know the last 2, so I'll compensate by naming the actors who said the lines too:
Titanic - Leonardo DiCaprio
Dead Poet's Society - Robin Williams

First one must be a movie before my time =)

I suppose I could look it up, but that would bve cheating!

mad angel said...

Vivien Leigh as Blanche DuBois in "A Streetcar Named Desire."


Gawd, I love Tennessee Williams!

cindy said...

Paula...thank you for the missing movie title!