Friday, July 08, 2005

The Day After

The recent events in London are horrific to say the least. The world grieves their loss. How difficult it must be for the families of the victims, the survivors of the explosions and those folks who are to returning to work today.

A spindle full and my Trekking sock.....

I'm making progress on my spindle spinning. This time I used my Forester spindle instead of the CD spindle. It appears that I am getting the same grist as I maintained on the CD. Soon I'll be plying.

I love Trekking yarn!!! I also love the colored striping as I finish up the heel flap. Speaking of sock yarn I bought some Regia stretch yarn in some lively colors from Bella Yarn's in Warren at their 30% sale. I also bought some black rayon silk, boucle- mohair and linen at Peter Patchis.

On the Net....
Check out this knitting accessory. Of course...I also love the book that is on the stand...good old Leopold Bloom and Molly grace those pages.

Maybe we want to make this.

This is interesting: Freddie Robins, a knit designer.

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Kristen said...

What's this about 30% off?! Is it still going on? Details, please! I haven't been to Bella Yarns yet and am not on the mailing list.