Friday, July 29, 2005

Delightfully Cool

Ahhhhhh.....knitting weather! We can stand the wool on our laps today...not that it matters since I'm working on socks. I may even pick up my shawl and sweater to work on tonight after work.

I found a great site on speed knitting and crochet yesterday. I also had fun with this site .
It has some interesting pattern generators and stitch patterns. Below I've included a pic of my Butterfly Bush in bloom. Check out Judith's Mexican sunflower today.

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Judith said...

Great website, Cindy. Interesting that Lily Chin is still holding her own on being fastest crocheter. I love reading stuff like that. I need to speed up with my crochet--too much gardening...Your Butterfly Bush looks lovely--they are a wonderful & kind bush. And you are right-on mentioning how nice & cool it has been. Last night I held a fluffy yarn in my lap & crocheted.