Friday, June 24, 2005

Warning! This method produces a twisted stitch!

Well....take a looksee!!! I just learned that the purl stitch I've been doing ever since Richard M taught me is called combined purling. It's so wonderful to see that Richard and I aren't the only ones who purl this way. I was feeling lonely out there in the knitting...errrr purling world.Much the same as my feeling about the dreaded KITCHENER stitch. Of course, we must remember when using this purl technique to untwist the stitch on the next row. I think it's all worth it given the speed at which I can purl especially when doing seed stitch of my favorite stitch patterns.

I have some knitting to report...I finished one of the fronts on the Slip Stitch Cardi. The latest news on it is that it may be too small. Not to worry says Judy to the can put in a zipper. I have to decide...should I put in the zipper? If I want buttons I must add the buttonholes on the second front piece and must do it as I go along because the buttonband is formed as you knit up the piece...oh...decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow is the monthly Spin In at RI Handspun. Hope all you knitters, spinners and crocheters out there can make it!!!

BTW....check out the Knitting Help web site it is a joy....a five star Joy.


Marisa said...

I think John would say otherwise about the "dreaded" kitchner stitch

Kristen said...

That is a great site- thanks! Occasionally I'll use a different technique depending on the project, i.e. 'knitting back backward'. Since I use such techniques infrequently, I need to look them up every time. The videos are really helpful.