Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Slip Stitch Cardi,John's Latest and Marisa's First Bin

For she is! Last night I had a *&*%$### of a time because I screwed up the pattern. An easy know how it is you get talking and you mess it all up. But....I think I've got her back on the track thanks to Patty's encouragement :)

Oh I forgot to say....Last night we assembled at Sue's for the weekly knit in. Paula was working on a luscious scarf made of of Sue's hand dyed mohair and silk. It's so striking!!! Marie worked on her crocheted afghan. Barbara started her feather and fan poncho that is very sweet. Patty worked on her shetland shawl in a lovely shade of green jumper weight yarn. Sue continued her spiral sock in Red-White Opal. It never ceases to thrill me to knit with other like- minded knitters. It is such a joy!We missed the other regulars like Carrie, Carol R., Gail and Judy....

If you get a chance check out Kristen's experience with her honeybees. Also be on the lookout for Judith's blog. She says she's going to join the blogosphere. Way to go Judith!!!

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