Saturday, April 30, 2005

What a Week!!!

This has been a busy week to say the least. I worked four out of the five days. But the fun part of the week started Thursday night. Marisa and I enjoyed our trips to several bridal shops to find a bridal gown on Thursday night and Friday. We had a great time and believe it or not found the perfect gown. Sorry we can't divulge the details :) (John reads this blog and he's not allowed to know :) Naturally we had to have lunch at Panera's....

You should know that we had help making our gown selection because a crack of thunder was heard overhead which confirmed our choice by the gods. I can't help remembering how the gods in Homer's Odyssey would express their views via Zeus's thunderbolt and by golly we got the message when we chose this particular gown. It's a beauty!!!

Obviously I had little time to knit, but I did manage to get halfway up the front of my Rowan t-shirt.

Today I'm off again. This time it's a wedding. I sure hope the rain holds off for the church at 2 pm. Well....gotta dash and get ready for the day. Wish I didn't have to miss Sue's Spin In or the Sheep and Wool at Tolland...boohoohoo....


su said...

no fair calling on the Gods for help!!Yu two are good. All in one day? We missed you

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