Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Of Sheep in the Garden and the Knit In

This cheery sheep loves his spot in the garden. Just couldn't resist posting this. Marisa and John gave it to me last Easter. As you can see it loves its place in my driveway garden next to the Echinacea.

Last night we have a good time as always at Sue's R I Handspun. Sue and Paula had a great time showing us their dye results. Sue has some luscious mohair kid/silk in some colors I couldn't resist. Paula produced some lovely greens from her dye pot using myrtle. Marie knitted her blue Lionbrand project;Helane worked on a lovely purple cardigan in Bartlett;Barbara knitted a colorful hat;and Judy continues to knit her beautiful shawl with dyed wool/silk and beads. I managed to finish the front of my Rowan t-shirt.

Well off to work.......


Carol said...

Hi Cindy, going to try again...I think I might have it now...Sorry I didn't get to Sue's was working in the garden and lost track of time but your blog keep me abreast of whats going on

Marisa said...

we gave you the sheep this easter, not last, LOL. Wow, dye with myrtle?