Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What I'm Reading

Mc Cullough's John Adams is a great read.......Especially the interesting details about Abigail's role in our country's early days of independence.


Margaret said...

I agree -- wonderful book! Did you see the HBO series based on the book? It was good as well.

bySarah said...

This is SUCH a good book. I read it a few years ago after hearing an interview with the Author on NPR.
And it is also an amazing Audiobook if you ever have to go on a long trip.

Sharon said...

I have it. It's in one of my stacks which is a different type of to-do list.

cyndy said...

A Very good read! (But then I think anything by McCullough is!)

Abigail -such a self-less woman..(what a good balance for John!)

Kristen said...

I listened to the 30 disc cd and loved it, being a history buff. John Adams became one of my heroes (except for that Aliens and Sedition Act). And Abigail was incomparable!