Friday, February 05, 2010

Just in time!

Finished the baby jacket for my newborn grand nephew.Bulky yarn makes for a quick knit.
Back to the many UFO's hiding in bags.


bySarah said...


And yay for finishing up ufos!

Sharon said...


Robin said...

What a cute hoodie! I love the two big buttons.

Cosmic Communicating Computer Age said...

Hi Mrs. D,
Congratulations on the award for "Lily Pond Rhapsody"! You are a person of many talents. I like your newborn grand nephew's hoodie sweater. So adorable!
My husband and I have a grand nephew and we call him grephew(grandnephew). Therefore, he will call us Grauntie and Gruncle! I like knitting also. I just made our grephew, Jonathan a sweater for Christmas the same color of your grephews. Enjoy your weekend! JennieCD