Monday, June 09, 2008

It's Too Hot! I'm seeing red!

Yeah........this weather is too extreme. It interferes with my wool work as you can guess. Not that I stopped completely. I've been working on a new sock design soon to be released as a kit that contains ball and skein's sock yarn. The kit is part of a sock club offering at yarn4socks in August. I'm working on the lovely red sock model as I write. At least sock knitting can be done in the heat.

I've also started spinning some red fiber that Debbie R rustled up for me from Copperpot Woolies. I began spinning while watching the Red Sox .......keeps with the red theme heh :)
The fiber is luscious and it's eye candy unspun or spun.

On the cooler side check out my blooming orchid..........


bySarah said...

Gorgeous orchid cindy!
And I agree.
Its too hot to knit - at least in my house!!

Laurie said...

It is indeed, far too hot to live let alone knit.

Jenny Girl said...

Beautiful orchid.
In Philly we are hoping today is the last heat wave day. It does make for crappy knitting weather.
Stay cool sister!

calicokitty6 said...

What a beautiful orchid!!

I'm glad you're enjoying the red batt.