Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cardinal Song and More

This little fellow made my morning by penetrating the grayness with his sweet songs.
The spring garden delights me with an Iris and some baby's breath.
This is the end of three pounds of Border Leicester fiber that I purchased from RI Handspun a couple of weeks ago. I'm happy with the spinning.

DD wants to make a cabled jacket with it. Thanks,Sue,for selling me this wonderful chocolate fiber, which she purchased from Barbara T at Seldom Seen Farm.


Jenny Girl said...

Is that really as luscious and squishy as I think it is???
That would make a beautiful jacket or sweater really.
Nice spinning :)

vanessa said...

cindy, your spinning is gorgeous!

Sharon said...

You should be happy with the spinning - it's wonderful! I've been spinning some in a couple of different colors that I want to put in the indigo dye bath - it's only two weeks away - just two more skeins to go. I love love love to spin Border Leicester - it just jumps onto the bobbin.

calicokitty6 said...

That is beautiful yarn. I can't wait to see the jacket knit up.

Kristen said...

Maybe I am just more in tune with nature lately, but it seems that there are many more cardinals around in recent years.
Have fun with all your lovely fiber.

Knitman said...

Your spinning is excellent, as are the photographs.

Beth S. said...

You spun three POUNDS of fiber in just a couple of weeks?!... Oh boy. I bought four ounces in April that I haven't finished yet! You are either very fast or very dedicated. Maybe both. ;-)